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Company Culture

Customer Service
Our value lies in having customers, providing customers with a full range of services, and allowing customers to obtain satisfaction beyond expectations.
We pay attention to customer experience, listen to the voice of customers, recognize the real needs of customers.
We take the needs of customers as the basis for setting goals, and improve the ability and quality of services from the perspective of customers.

Accurate and realistic
Accuracy: is a degree, but also a means. Emphasize the perfect fit, emphasize the data to speak, emphasize the norms, laws.
Realistic: is a kind of attitude, is to seek truth, objective, the attitude of seeking facts, is a strict and serious attitude. We are used to rational thinking and are happy to find problems;
We strive to be based on facts and use data to speak;
We focus on measurable goals and operational plans;
We strive for excellence (and concise and efficient), constantly sum up ways to do things, and strive to explore the rules of doing things;
we respect norms and standards and are disciplined;
We have the courage to face reality, dare to take responsibility.

integrity sharing
We are honest, pay attention to credibility. be frank and honest with each other;
We respect others, pay attention to equality, trust, appreciation and affection;
we share vision, cooperate with each other, share resources, and develop together;
We integrate personal pursuit into the long-term development of the enterprise.

entrepreneurial innovation
We are never satisfied, the courage to struggle, and constantly beyond the self;
We do the master of the post, take the initiative to take responsibility, flexible response to changes and challenges;
We insist on learning and pioneering, boldly try new methods and new things within tolerable risks, and continuously improve our work.