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Jiafeng Mould Parts Co., Ltd. is a Taiwanese-owned foreign processing enterprise. It was founded in 1998 and mainly produces and operates hardware molds and plastic mold parts. In the past few years, after the unremitting efforts of the company's leaders and all employees, Jiafeng has achieved a certain scale of development. No matter the product type, the processing technology and the technical level have been greatly improved, and the simple stamping die has been completed. The transformation of complex plastic molds and high-precision terminal molds; the customer base is also continuously inland from the coast, covering a wide range of industries including hardware, plastics, electrical appliances, automobiles, stationery and cosmetics.
  Our company specializes in the production of thimbles, flat thimbles, punches, guide posts, guide bushings, and some tips and cores for electronic and semiconductor molds. Based on the fierce competition in the current mold market, this industry faces great challenges in the market. In order to better serve customers, the company constantly introduces a series of advanced production equipment, and constantly strengthens the quality control ability of quality assurance and enhances the products. Quality, the implementation of IS09001; 2000 international quality management system certification work in the whole plant, has achieved good results; on the other hand, the company recruits talents, continuously enhance the company's technical strength, achieve product diversification, for some more complex The special and technically difficult projects are specially produced, which greatly enhances our market competitiveness.
For a long time, thanks to the support and cooperation of friends from all walks of life, Jiafeng Company has been able to continue and develop steadily. The company adheres to the business philosophy of “precision manufacturing, ensuring quality, continuous improvement, sustainable operation” and adheres to the best quality. , delivery and after-sales service to return new and old customers.


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